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​Some basic tools for couples:

-Empathy, compassion, understanding and respect are the cornerstones of all positive interactions.
-Listen to your partner/family member; try to understand the way they see a situation before you make any assumptions or take anything personally.
-There are no “good guys” or “bad guys” in relationships. There are good reasons why we behave as we do. The key to a better relationship is to find and understand those reasons.
-One goal is to create a secure connection so that your relationship is a safe haven where both of you feel accepted, understood and comforted.
-Learn to process conflicts by softening negative feelings through affirmations, for example, “I really want to make this work, I love you, let’s find a way together”.

Watch the video to hear Dr. Young talk about the difference between individual and couples/ family therapy and how our focus changes when dealing with each issue.

Couples Therapy