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"There is no 'one size fits all' therapy" 

                          -Dr. Thomas Young

It's important for those seeking out a licensed psychologist to know

that there is no 'generalized' therapy.  Specialty fields do exist and

it's important for those seeking a specific form of therapy to inquire

of those specialties the psychologist offers. 

Dr. Thomas Young's areas of specialization include: 



-Addiction/Substance Dependence

-Relationship Dynamics




-Life/Career Coaching

-Loss or Grief

-Cultural Diversity

-GLBTQ Issues

-Gender & Sexual Identity Issues

-Sexual Dysfunction


-Domestic Abuse

-Sexual/Physical Abuse

-Anger Management

-Loss of Desire/Ambition

-Work-Related Stress


-Creative Arts

*Dr. Thomas Young is committed to making sure that each individual receives specialized care through thorough and well researched analysis.